BMW Aluminum Pedals

Have you been looking for a way to spruce up your BMW even more? This means you’ll need high quality BMW M performance parts. When you choose BMW car accessories, you should always make sure that they are made specifically by BMW. That way you can ensure that they will fit as well as be of the highest quality to match your car. BMW aluminum pedals are carefully crafted in the same way every BMW car is fashioned. Installing these pedals means high quality and a little something extra to your BMW. The pedals are patterned with non-slip rubber inserts. These provide you with maximum control for breaking, accelerating, and shifting. The strong aluminum provides a long-lasting strength as well, helping to reinforce the rubber inserts. Want a fully matching set of BMW aluminum pedals? Opt for the aluminum footrest as well. It’s made to go perfectly with every pedal and helps protect your footrest from all the water and weather that comes along with every year. Customizing your BMW has never been better or easier. Not sure which BMW […]

BMW All Weather Floor Mats

Keeping your BMW in the best shape possible means not only paying close attention to the exterior for scrapes and smudges, or the insides of the car to make sure it runs smoothly and without complaint, but also to the interior. People tend to take certain things for granted, leaving them behind while tending to other areas of the interior. From keeping the chrome shining to the leather in top condition, it’s also very important to keep the area where all the traffic goes in the best shape possible. This can mean getting extra protection. A lot of floor mats are nothing more than heavier carpeting material and rubber backing. When it comes to your BMW, you need better protection than that. It’s best to have something easy to clean as well as tough enough to withstand all the different weather conditions that Mother Nature decides to throw at you. BMW all-weather floor mats are made by BMW for your car. Have a BMW X5? You’re set. These BMW car parts are custom-designed with the tray specially contouring to the […]

BMW Stainless Steel Pedal Pads

Most cars are every day, average cars. They come in typical colors. They’re made in factories out of pieces that are put together with machines. They aren’t given much personal attention. And for most people, that’s good enough. But you don’t want good enough. That’s never been satisfactory. You want the attention to detail. You want the finer things in life. You want someone to care about the product they make, and you want them to be aware of every weld, every stitch, and every bolt that goes into it – and all for a purpose. So it’s no wonder you bought a BMW. One of the best parts about the BMW, however, is that even after you purchase it, you can continue to make it your own. BMW M performance parts allow you to improve upon your BMW as well as customize it to your personal tastes. These tastes may change over time, which is why being able to obtain BMW performance parts when you need them is so useful. BMW M performance stainless steel pedals are just one […]

BMW Battery Charger

Keeping your BMW in top shape is always a priority. This ensures that it runs well, handles properly, and remains like new for as long as you have it. Should something start to go awry, you can always take it to a location to get the problem fixed. But if you have some of the right BMW car parts or even BMW car accessories, you can handle the problem yourself with ease, saving both time and money in the process. A BMW battery charger is an excellent way to make certain your BMW battery remains fully charged and always ready to go no matter what. Because this isn’t some generic device, but rather made specifically by BMW for BMW model cars, each one is specifically matched to your BMW vehicle. Have a model from the 6 Series? How about a BMW X5? No matter – you can obtain a BMW battery charger for your car in order to keep it at peak performance. The charger includes premium features, such as a display that is clear and easy to read, automatic […]

Walking the Walk with BMW Shoes by Puma

Who doesn’t love the look of a great pair of shoes, and you would expect that a luxury brand like BMW could deliver some serious performance and class in this category, too.  In fact, the combination of BMW luxury with one of the top names in athletics – PUMA – means an incredible, one-of-a-kind product for the runners in your life.  Check out some of the features of this new shoe. The upper of the Repli Cat 3 LTD matches the colors of other products from BMW Athletics Collection and is constructed of high quality leather, in case you want to make this a combinable gift with other BMW accessories.  The shoes’ rubber soles are combined with an integrated damping system.  This means that you will not only encounter a comfortable running experience and a firm fit, but avoid the issue with cheaper running shoes – that smell that you just can’t seem to get out because they have no anti-damping technology.  The BMW Athletics wordmark on the tongue and the BMW rubberized logo on the heel complete the look […]

The BMW Tent: Luxury in the Great Outdoors

One of the best features of driving your BMW is the opportunity it offers to drive for pleasure in many different conditions.  Whether you are going to a motorsport race or car show or looking for a short vacation, your BMW gets you there.  What could be better than a weekend getaway for a few days of camping, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors?  Your BMW vehicle can take you there in style.  Why not extend the style by offering the lovers of the great outdoors in your life a BMW Tent? This product sports many of the same great features you have come to expect from a luxury brand like BMW.  Built for two, this igloo tent is robust and roomy.  It sports the same colors you would expect from BMW Motorsport right down to the racing stripes.  But what really sets this camping accessory apart is the patented opening system.  This tent can be pitched in within two minutes, making it the perfect tool for someone who wants to do things quickly or stay mobile and move from […]

BMW Gifts: Computer Mouse

Accessories for the Luxury Techie in Your Life It is hard to find the perfect gift for everyone.  Fortunately, BMW offers a range of things to help complete those gift bags or office events in your life.  One of the snappiest little accessories to come out of BMW in a while is the BMW computer mouse.  Based on the idea of the BMW i8, the mouse is a delight to move around – it’s just like having your own tiny i8 at your fingertips!  While the design is absolutely adorable, it is also an ergonomic set-up as well, meaning less chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome for those who spend a lot of time at the computer.  As easy to use as it is, the design also enables an energy savings of around 30 percent, partially because of its blue LED light and automatic sleep mode.  There is a handy integrated storage component for the receiver, making this mouse mobile with a range of up to 98 feet and suitable for different resolutions. Who might enjoy getting this gift?  How […]

BMW Rims

BMW Wheels: Double Spoke 21″ Lightweight Forged Wheels One of the delicious features of owning a luxury brand car like BMW is all of the upgrades one can take advantage of to make sure the vehicle is operating at peak performance.  With all the features available for upgrading, one of the best ways to make a statement has to be through the rims.  A true part of the personality of any car, making a statement with the rims is such a popular thing to do that entire businesses are devoted to it!  What those other businesses cannot offer, though, is the luxury experience and quality of a BMW product, like the double spoke 21” lightweight forged BMW rims available through Braman BMW Parts. Weight-optimized, these wheels of forged alloy sport an M logo with a two-color design that is exclusive and unique.  On the rims’ face is a polished finish of high gloss and between the spokes is paint of Orbit Gray to make a killer design statement.  The paint job also protects against corrosion with a clear coat.  You know […]

BMW Backrest Storage Pocket

The first time you see the BMW backrest storage pockets, the first thing you’ll likely say is, “Wow – that’s handy!” Indeed, for any backseat passenger on a long trip, these backseat pockets can be a fantastic asset, providing them with an array of pockets in various sizes so they can store all manner of items. From books to drinks, there’s a pocket for just about anything you might want to bring along on your road trip. What’s more, the pockets don’t just have to be used for the backseat passenger – drivers and front seat passengers can also use it to help store various items. From favorite snacks to handheld gaming consoles, the possibilities are endless. The BMW car organizer is the perfect way to store goodies whether you intend to take a cross-country road trip, head out on a camping trip, or are headed to grandma’s on a family trip! The BMW backrest organizer attaches directly to the back of either the driver seat or passenger seat (or you can always buy two for double the storage and […]

BMW Dog Safety Harness

When you have a dog that loves car rides, it can be a great thing. They’ll love to hop into the car with you, making any coaxing or worries about upset tummies nonexistent. Rather, they’ll be more than prepared to pop up by the window and watch the world go by as you drive. However, when you have a BMW, an excitable dog isn’t always the most ideal situation. Some dogs like to wander about in the car, and small dogs that love to bounce around in the car as it drives can truly become both a hassle and a danger to both the driver and the dog. Restraining the dog to a kennel takes up space and is nowhere near as fun as letting him look about and hang out in the car with you so you can provide puppy with occasional ear scratches. A BMW dog safety harness is a smart and excellent way to help keep your pup both in control as well as safe. The harness is essentially a seat belt for dogs, ensuring that they remain […]